Tuesday, May 10, 2022

The Damn Issue with Spam Folder

I realized I had an interview request last night when I came home from work and the e-mail was in Spam folder, again! I immediately responded by saying that I had gone to Edmonton and confirmed that I would be available for the phone conversation at the time he had requested. I don't know when this shit would end! I'm tired of all these interviews and camera set ups and lies and crap altogether! I just need to get a well-paid job, focus on it and live my life!
Leonardo DiCaprio and Ted Levine (from The Silence of the Lambs, who could forget that(!) in a scene from the scary and strange movie, Shutter Island (2010). I gotta watch again and read about it to see what it really means. And by the way no wonder why DiCaprio is a multi-millionaire! Every movie like this brings him a lot of money as his performance is superb
With that in I set up the alarm at 08:00 and went to bed after watching a very strange movie, Shutter Island, for the first time. That'd the subject of another post, maybe but I woke up a few times due to the cold and eventually at 08:00 as the alarm went off. I had a little breakfast and the guy called shortly after 09:00 as he had indicated in his e-mail. He was an HR guy so his questions were all general and answering them would mean nothing but I did to my best. It seems a good position and it's in close proximity. I will have an eye on it while I work on the other opportunity. One of these positions should get me out of this toilet that I have been stuck in, for the past 2 years and a half, this summer. Sick and tired of all the crap that I have to take 5 days a week for a little money. 
(Photo, top: I check my spam folder every day now. Three interview requests have gone there and I don't want to lose any)

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