Monday, May 09, 2022

A Different Project?!

I've had issues with my e-mail before, back to the last Nov. when I had that Federal Government job opportunity and blew it but I never thought the issue stays. I was proven wrong this past Fri. I checked my mailbox, at work, through my telephone to see if I had received any message in regards to the last week's interview. There was nothing to see. Went home and in the evening checked again, this time the Spam folder too. There was a message there! He, the guy who had interviewed me, wanted me to call him and his message had been sent around 08:30! 
I had no choice but to wait until this morning. I wondered what he wanted. I wasn't expecting something very good, to be honest! The best I expected was that he would ask me to take the course and test he had mentioned but he said something else. He said that he'd like to consider me for a project down in the States(!) and he would send my resume to their guy so they can set another Teams interview with me but the position wouldn't be for a Quality Coordinator position unlike the one that they had considered me originally and that'd a 21-day work 7-day off schedule. he said that would prepare me for the future projects and gave me hints about the project to look for in the web. I really don't know why he did that and I don't even know if I have a chance because he, again. asked questions about the things that I have never worked on but added that it was not rocket science! 
While it's a great opportunity and I'm very grateful for that, not because I get out of this shithouse but also because I will get a chance to see 2 or maybe 3 states that I haven't been too and they're full of hiking and climbing opportunities. It might seem ridiculous to one that I measure everything with mountains but that's my passion and I look for any opportunity to make it happen and enjoy it. So I thanked the fell and told him that I would review the project's details and I, in fact did a little this afternoon when I got home. I will send him a follow up message and will ask question to see what will happen. If this works, I will also have a chance to meet the guy that we reached the summit of Guadalupe Peak in Texas, last Nov. but it's too early to celebrate and plan! I will have a lot to do, before that and I wonder what would be my situation if I'm going to work in the US? The only good thing, and I'm surprised that he didn't even pointed at it, is that I have my passport! Many people are having difficulty getting passports because Passport Canada is backed up! I can go anywhere I want in a heartbeat as long as every else is ready!
(Photo: Looks like a petrochemical or any petroleum processing facility to me which has nothing to do with the type of project that they expect me to work on but I had to put something here!)

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