Saturday, May 28, 2022

The Tote Lover

I finally started a new position this week. I started it last Tue., as Mon. was a statutory holiday. Sadly I have to report to a fat f*ck (pardon my French) who neither has the education nor the experience in the field but he's f*cking old with years of experience in what's he's good at and beside that he's Caucasian! The moron who hired me is on vacation now but it's not that I will complain to him when he's back.I will have to see how the things go in the next three month that l'm on probation. I have an okay spot, so far, in the company but sitting next to a freak who coughs like a 89-year-old cigarette addicted woman and clear his f*king throat every 2 minutes! Rather than that I won't have to tolerate anything else from these dolts. Everyone else has been nice. The office and the building is nice and I'm hoping to stay here past my contract unless something better is found. 
The guy whom I work with is not bad but from the beginning he wanted to show me that he was the boss but when I e-mailed him about an issue we had on the project, he acknowledged that and praised me. He has been all around the country and parts of the world and seems that he has had a stable life: loyal wife, okay job with steady pay, fun, you name it. Things that everyone wants from a life and I've never had!
Back to our know-it-all fella(!), no actually he's not. I've gotta find a better name for him, he has difficulty moving as a result of his weight. Not that I'm teasing him or anything. I just am surprised that why people don't take good care of themselves. He says he has this and that at home (expensive items) and orders this and that online (rare merchandises!) but when you look at him, he looks like  cheap bastard! His cloths is okay. He keeps a beard which makes him looks like a priest, especially because he's hair is mostly white, bends forward a little bit, perhaps because of his weight or some other health issue he has, which by the way I hope it gets better, and carries a nasty, f*cking tote bag for his, probably lunch! He drives the company's car while his home is less than 15 freaking minutes away and I, the poor have to drive more than 60 km, back and forth, every single freaking day! 
And now with the price of gasoline soared to $1.71 per liter, I'd need to find a solution to this problem or half of my pay stub goes to Shell and other fellas of the same kind! 
I was given a computer and a phone the last day at work and have a whole lot to go. Lots of studies and also I will have to write an exam. and do a practical one. It's good because it not only gives me the chance to learn new things and keep my job, but also add good things to my resume. I also had a contact with the project manager who seems to be nice so far. A young Caucasian, of course, guy in, I'd say, in his late 30's, at the most, although it's hard to say who old some people are, particularly Caucasians because they age very slowly and gradually.
(Photo: There're people who are in love with inanimate, if I'm using the right term. These are the people, including the girl pictured here, who love objects, passionately! This girl loves Statue of Liberty in a fashion that you see it all around him. I'm using it to refer to the guy whom I started working with! He loves his tote! What a moron!)

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