Thursday, July 01, 2004

137th Birthday

Today is Canada Day and the nation celebrates the 137th birthday of the confederation. This is what I found in American Heritage Dictionary about the foundation of Canada:

The Dominion [territory] of Canada was formed in 1867 and extended to the western provinces in 1905; Newfoundland formally joined the federation in 1949. The Statute of Westminster (1931) confirmed Canada's status as an independent nation within the Commonwealth.
For more information refer to Canadian Heritage website.

Me and Mom went to Prince Edward's Island Park to see the celebration. We went to Eau Claire Market first. It's a good place for shopping but usually expensive. You can get almost everything there. From Chinese handicrafts to Cowboy clothing's. There are also restaurants and bars. There were some outdoor activities including South American dancing (just two couples were dancing! but that was really good. South American dance is really erotic) And also some Oriental drumming but mostly done by non-Orientals! After a short time a heavy rain fall begun and most of the people get soaked and everyone had to leave. We went home too and after a short break I went for a good ride. A new trail, following Deerfoot and then Nose Creek. Took almost 2 hours. I was muddy, almost at the end.
(Photo: People are running away from rain but it's not easy as it's very crowded and have to walk in a long queue)

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