Friday, July 23, 2004


Beer, soft drinks and coffee are the most popular drinks in Canada. If I prioritize them I'd say coffee, soft drink and beer. Coffee is drunk all through the year esp. in long Calgary winters, which usually takes about 8 months! You may see people walking around with a coffee mug or siting in a bus or c-train. Soft drinks, mostly Coke is drunk as part of breakfast, lunch, supper or sometimes snack. Beer is very popular in parties and also bars especially Fri. evenings but they don't drink it as much during the week.
I have been to bars or clubs just a few times and the only alcoholic beverage that I usually order is beer. When the waiter or waitress asks what the brand I like, I find this question very stupid as all of them taste the same for me. Therefore in order just to answer them, I usually say: get me a Molson.
There was news on TV tonight saying that Molson and Coors are goin' to merge. There was also a test for Canadians, the big beer drinkers. Two glass of beer of two different brands but covered was in front of a guy or a gal and s/he was asked to drink them both and says which one is which. None of them was correct!
It confirms that I'm absolutely right. There's actually not a big difference between brands. But once Resurrect bought a Danish one called Tuborg and I felt the difference. That was really tasty and of course more expensive as it's imported.

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