Sunday, July 11, 2004


I was goin' to take Mom to Stampede today but as soon as I parked the car, a heavy rainfall started! As we both didn't want to get soaked, I started the engine and headed to Army & Navy to do some shopping. By the time we finished our shopping the sky was clear, the sun was shining and we went to see the exhibition.
That was my third time in Stampede and the best time as I spent as much time I wanted on my own pace. The events or places we enjoyed are:
1- Indian Village, where native people has dancing and singing event goin' on. I took beautiful photos. Mom and me really enjoyed it.
2- Agriculture show, where you can see different animals and the products that come from them. Horse, basin, pig, llama, different birds, etc.
3- Western food, including Corn Dog. Food is usually unreasonably expensive in Stampede. For example they ask $9 for a barbecued turkey drumstick! I never buy such a thing because first of all it's not as tasty as it looks. Just the skin and the surface is roasted and it makes it look delicious. Secondly, turkey is not tasty at all, unless you add too much herbs and spices and that fades the real taste of turkey. I have tasted it several times and I don't find anything special in it. Chicken, even if it's boiled, is tastier. But it's said it's a healthy food so I try it every often.
(Photo: I took this photo in the exhibition. It is a big barbecue. Like everything else in Stampede, this meal is very expensive)

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