Thursday, July 01, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11

I and Mom just came home from Westhills' Famous Players, watching Michael Moore's documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11. The movie is about the relationship between Bush and Bin Laden families and how George W. Bush took power in 2000 election. It's an anti-war movie. Seems true but I don't know whether or not we can trust the writer, producer and director, Michael Moore. It's a 2 hours movie and a little bit funny. Mom liked it. I tried to interpret some hard parts of the movie for her and it helped. If the DVD is released, I'll get it to watch it again. I used the free pass (2 free admissions) that was sent by Heninger Toyota, months ago. Releasing the movie just months before US Presidential Election could affect voters choice.
(Photo: Moore and one of the characters of the documentary, a soldiers, who says he would refused to Iraq if he is deployed again)

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