Monday, July 19, 2004


I was in the bus this afternoon, heading home, asleep. When I opened my eyes, somewhere in Deerfoot Trail, noticed that there's a heavy rainfall and thunder. I was barely able to see through the window and so does the driver through the windshield. Many cars has to pull over and wait until the storm is calm. Once we were about to have an accident as the driver was driving fast and the road was very slippery but he controlled the bus and saved us!
When we get to the stop, it was still raining and thundering and I had to walk home. By the time I get there, there was no rain and the sun was shining and I was soaked!
A-Channel later said that the storm has passed over the city but there is a high probability of having more of that, this summer. I didn't see this kind of storm in last 2 summer that I was in Calgary.
The thunder was so load that it reminded me of the days which Iraqi jets used to fly over Tehran and bombarded the city for several times but not very heavily. I never forget the sound of the planes and also the Red Siren. It also reminded me of a scene from Iranian TV, years after the war was over. There was a program about war on TV. A chopper landed to take the casualties out. While it was on the ground and its rotor was still running slowly and soldiers were carrying bodies, suddenly a plane appeared in the sky and everyone ran away like a rabbit and dispersed. The Iraqi jet fired a missile and damaged the chopper. The scene of chopper in the blaze was very dark and gloomy especially because you knew that a min. ago few injured soldiers have been transferred to the chopper.
Iraqi air force was very strong compare to Iranian one. Although they use Russian planes but they never allowed Iranians to have a successful air strike. Iranian planes, all American made, mostly were not able to operate as a lack of parts and proper maintenance.
When I used to work for Ministry of Defence through a small engineering company, there was a magazine in the library called Saaf, which publishes monthly by Iranian Army or a higher rank of such military organization. There was a supplement in the magazine: Pilots memoirs of Iran-Iraq war. As much as I remember all of the stories ended with this sentence: I was shot down by an Iraqi anti-aircraft missile (or an Iraqi jet) before I reach my primary target and returned home when the war was over and the POWs were exchanged!

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