Tuesday, September 21, 2004

8766 Days Ago

I can’t help tearing while writing this but I guess it’s not easy for everyone to understand what I’m writing. Everyone's different. I might be too emotional or too devoted to my previous country.
8766 days ago in Sep.21.80 Iraqi forces invaded our lovely and beautiful country Iran and started a war that last 8 years and cost billions of dollars and numerous lives. No one really knows how many innocent people were killed during those days but I know something for sure and that’s the war changed the life of all Iranians forever. No mater they are rich, poor, living in Khoozestan province and other provinces near the border or the provinces far from the conflict.
Many of young men who fought and were killed were volunteers who were defending their home town, their country, their family and their friends. There were a few of them, especially in the last years of the war who went there to gain something. and that thing could be money, a permit to a school or anything else. We are proud of the first mentioned ones and always remember them, they are all in our hearts and minds. We, too, remember the second class, the apple-polishers and the people who just look for the opportunities like that. Damn them. Unfortunately there are many of them in today’s Iran and that’s just because of the Islamic Republic, they are the products of the Islamic Republic, the system that makes lazy, fraudulent and opportunist people.
Let’s not forget who we are and who we were and let’s not close our eyes to the truth. And let’s not be pessimists or optimists, Let’s see everything realistically. Hope that one help us in every aspect of life. I’m sure it does, without a shadow of doubt.
(Photo: Young Iranian volunteer takes care of himself in the operation liberation Khoram-Shahr a little after a year when the war began)

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