Friday, September 17, 2004

Martin Is Optimist

Prime Minister Paul Martin said today in Quebec province that his government has nothing to do with the dispute between NHL and NHLPA. Some critics point to Bettman, the NHL commissioner as the guilty one here. But he stated that NHL clubs has lost US $1.8 Billion during last 10 years, while the average NHL player salary has soared to $1.8 million from $733,000 in same period. Martin believes NHL and its players will eventually overcome their acrimonious labour impasse. I really like the combination of words he used: Acrimonious impasse which means bitter situation!

(Photo: The Prime Minister in Calgary Flames jersey when the Flames was heading toward the Cup. Jarome Iginla the Flames captain one of the bests of NHL and Team Canada member in the recent World Cup of Hockey, is seen in the photo too)

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