Tuesday, September 14, 2004


One of the most important aspects of careers and jobs here in North America is being a good team worker, being able to have a good relationship with colleagues and harmonize with them. This attribute is seen in all works, fast food resturants, construction, sport, manufacturing, management, etc. Unfortunately Iranians lack this quality.
A good teamwork always starts with appointment of right team members. The US 4 x 100 women team lost a gold medal in the recent Olympic as Marion Jones couldn't pass the baton to her teammate Lauryn Williams. The team is perfect and the members know each other very well and have worked and drilled together but Marion erred and they collapsed. What was the real cause of such a big loss? I'd say many factors could've been involved: Rush, stress and nervousness, biorhythm situation, lack of focus, etc. But do any of the mentioned factors affect these superstars? One of them did, without a shadow of doubt.
(Photo: The moment that the US women 4 x100 team loses the baton is pictured here. Marion is the behind athlete)

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