Monday, September 13, 2004


One good thing here in Canada is you can try different cuisines from almost everywhere. Canadian food, itself regardless of different kinds of burgers and steaks (I'll write about 'em later) comprises of seafood. Mussel is among them that I tried a few weeks ago. Actually Resurrect bought some and cooked for me. It's tasty and of course healthy, full of vitamins and minerals. Besides that it's not always good to have red meet. Mussel, according to The American Heritage Dictionary, basically is an edible bivalve (having a shell, consisting two hinged valves) mollusks, a blue-black one, often found attached to rocky surfaces or the sides of ships. It comes from Newfoundland or Nova Scotia all the way to the west. It won't be expensive, if you're not a big eater, otherwise you have to spend bucks on it!
(Photo: Mussel recipes usually offer vegetables as a side. Not like the one I had!)

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