Saturday, September 11, 2004

Canada Wrestling

Wrestling was one of the sports that Canadians took part in the recent Olympic. The Canadian wrestling team was comprised of 7 wrestlers: 3 men and 4 women in free-style. I couldn't see any of the Olympic's wrestling races but saw some photos of women's and really enjoyed. I know wrestling is a very tough sport, as I used to do that for almost 5 years when I was in the school and I was good at it. Therefore a woman who enters the world of wrestling is a very special one in my view and I like her. She must be fast, strong, having a flexible body, brave, etc.
Amongst the women wrestlers is Tonya Werbek from Beamsville, Ont., who won the silver in 55 Kg class of free-style. She lost to Japanese lady in the final match. Two of the other women were placed 5th and the lightest was eliminated.
(Photo: Lyndsay Belisle who's seen here on podium as silver medalist of Canada Cup '04 in class 48 Kg, from Hazelton B.C. was eliminated in the Olympic but I just brought this photo here to show how fit and shaped they are)

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