Sunday, April 22, 2007

Stawamus Cheif

I climbed up a big rock in Squamish called Chief Stawamus. What a beauty! I didn't climbed it technically, obviously. I just hiked it. But that was challenging too, specially if you have an old pair of runners on. I went to Wal-Mart in the morning to buy an extra roll of film, and what a good idea, and the girl over there told me that I would be OK with them but I was not! I slipped a few times and tripped a few more but didn't get hurt. I went all the way to the third peak and Puff! that took a lot out of me because I haven't done much of exercise in last month and also have not had a hike in last 6 years! Basically the muscles you use in different sports are different and if you're a good runner, there's no guarantee that you're a climber or anything else as well.
Anyway that was a beautiful hike and I took a different way on my way back and paid a visit to Shannon Falls. When I was back to Squamish to see Jasmine, she was surprised that I made it to the third peak. I asked her what she would do next week and she said that she would have a hike to somewhere and would e-mail me to see if we can go together when I asked.
Then we had a stupid conversation over soccer which didn't turn good and also she said that she didn't like Spider-Man 3 when I asked if she liked to come with me to Vancouver to see that. So nothing went well with her but I don't give up. I'll go to see her this Tue. which is the first day she works. I also didn't expect her today when I dropped by to ask a question before my hike but she was there and she said she was so tired because she had partied all the night before. I don't think she has a bf but she enjoys her time. It's not easy to have her I think mostly because she's moody, I think. We'll see.
(Photo: First or probably the second pick of the big rock. It got three and i took it from the third while I was where I thought is the end and had about 15 to 20 min. to go! But not upward. I have to see Jasmine)

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