Friday, April 06, 2007


It has been a long time that I haven't posted anything. It's mostly because I'm very busy and when I finish the work there's only time for ... well ... nothing! Second of all this new computer, the laptop, prevents me form typing too much.
But I decided to write something out of too many thing that I've faced so far in this part of Canada. Today A. J. came over and I was stripping out and he asked me to get a blower as he wanted to clean one of the sun decks. Today was aloso the concrete day for Zenith Road project. So I also rented a vibrator and returned home. We cleaned the roofs and the sun deck a little bit and then he said: Let's go and see what those guys are doing. We had a lunch today and when we reached there the concrete machine, the mixer and the pump was already there.
I really don't know what would happen if we weren't there. I only know that everything had been screwed up. We were a big help to the former-framer guy. He only had two person and that crew was not obviously enough for the job. I had to do the vibrator for two or more wall and that was really hard. You have to really fast and follow the one who pours. Otherwise you get a stone and there's nothing that you can do. The wall will be spongy!
Anyhow Mike, the former-framer guy was behind the schedule and he and his guy had to do few measurement and cutting while we were doing the walls! I suddenly found out that we had ran out of anchors while we were almost done! I ran to Rona, The Home Depot, an indipendent distributor and even Canadian Tire but couldn't find it. The last mixer were gone when I got there and Mike and A. J. were arguing.
We got to downtown and A. J. took me to a Greek restaurant. I didn't expect something good in a small town like Squamish but the food was really good. We both had lamb Souvlaki which is almos same as our Persian Kabab but the sides are different. It's served with Greek Salad, rice, grilled potato and a kind of dip which is similar to Persian yogurt-cucamber dip but the taste is different. There were also small fresh baked breads. A. J. had a little shot of Whiesky but I prefered not to drink. Then we finished off with tasty desert, Baghlava and one kind of pastry which was really good but I don't recall the name.
I'm writing while A. J. is asleep downstairs! I had a shower and when I got out I saw him lying down on the floor, covered with a blanket, using his overcoat as a pillow. I should go to sleep too. Will write all about the interesting things I face here, later.

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