Thursday, April 12, 2007

No TV!

I couldn't get the TV going when I tried it the other day. All I need is CBC and a local channel or two, for example, CTV or CityTV but it didn't work as I said. So I can't watch The National and Hockey Night in Canada while the Stanley Cup Finals just started yesterday.
Vancouver is one of the 16 teams of the playoff this year and that's all because of their goalie but I'm not following them. I'm still an Albertan! Edmonton, one of the two teams that did the playoff last year is not among the 16 teams! Neither the champion, Colorado! But Calgary made it as the last team of the west, the eighth! Even lower than Minnesota which usually loses to the Flames.
Today they played the first game of the first round against Detroit and lost 1-4. I couldn't watch it. I was not able even if I was still in Calgary unless I would go to a bar. May be I should get a cable. It sucks!
(Photo: This image shows Phaneuf, the tough guy of Calgary, is being taken by referee to prevent him form fighting with the old goaltender of the Red Wings, Hasek in today's game)

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