Sunday, April 29, 2007

Superman or What?

I always thought that I'm a very strong man, both spiritually and physically. That's why I call me The Tough Guy. But believe it or not A. J. is the man whom should be honored with that title. I don't think I've ever seen someone like him:Patient, very patient actually, hard working, jack of all trades, handy man and what else does he need to be? Once he kept all us till 10:00 PM and that was a Sat. night. I can't keep up with him although he's much older than me, almost 13 years, I think. In the other hand he works like a horse to feed his big family and of course pose in the community. But I easily can tell that he's under constant mental pressure. I have seen two beautiful behaviour performed by him. He had a very nice fight with a cabinet maker who postponed his orders. He asked another trade, a blind maker to act as a customer while we get to the workshop from the back door. As soon as he got to the shop form front we, I, A. J., his young son and his former partner an stinky Punjabi showed up at the back door and knocked at the door. I didn't see what exactly happened with my own eyes because I stayed back. I didn't want any fight or trouble at the moment. But what they later said happened is he opened the door and got taken aback and told them he had a customer and A. J. called his trade's name. The man was trapped!
They got in but I didn't. I knew we can't enter some one's property without permission and then slided in. The cabinet maker asked A. J. to leave. A. J. was hoping mad and started yelling and gesturing. That was really funny specially because he uses that stupid line constantly: ... you know?
Anyhow A. J. said he wouldn't go anywhere until the RCMP arrives! I was about to burst in to laughter! Obviously the man was guilty, otherwise he would call the cops and they would be there shortly to kicked us all out or arrest us. But he didn't. The game was over after a half an hour negotiation and we left.
The other time we had a comedy, was just yesterday. We had our concrete guys for the crawl space and 3 remaining retaining walls and something wrong had been done by one stupid piece of crap Iranian electrician! We started to fix the problem ourselves and in the meantime our framer asked me to find him chamfer strips. I went to the woods and found two because I was sure that enough had been delivered and didn't want to go and buy more. When I got back to the wall, A. J., in his rain jacket and pants, which made him look ridiculous yelled: Where are you? I need your help! It was pouring all the night before and that time and although I didn't get mad, I yelled back: No! I need your help! I went to find these pieces for the framer. He pulled the electric hose, he was grasping and cursed the framer in Persian while he was about to fall in mud! He was about to cry! We comforted him and asked him to calm down.
So that's how he works everyday starting at about 7 and finishing late. Sometimes no lunch and most of the time doesn't see his kids.
(Photo: the sewer system of the houses, which is called Drain Tail, is being completed in this photo. The upper pipe is for the downpipes and the lower one for the surface water. The whole system was then inspected by the district inspector and he only said one thing: as there's no basement and the houses' elevation is higher than the road and ditch, there's no need for all this, not even Damp Proofing, the dark part seen in the wall! That's how a good manager works! The Mr. Superman!)

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