Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Future is not Friendly

I talked to Alfa, my friend on the phone last Sun. He's doing OK in MA. but was complaining about the uncertainty of future specially because of the job insecurity. He said that in a seminar he had been told that employees should be watching stock markets and as soon as a shaking business move is seen, they should prepare themselves for a lay off and termination. He's conservative.
I have been fucking around all these years. Most of the money I used to make has been gone to grocery stores and restaurants and the rest to rent, monthly payments, movies, DVDs and all other stuff. I never seriously thought of future because I always thought that I would get my dream job and I'd be fine and that has never happened. Then I got the job which I thought gives me a good oppCheck Spellingortunity to pay off my debts and save a few thousand bucks but that didn't last and I lost almost everything. I have this job now, a very challenging and demanding one. The one that takes at least 10 hours a day from me but seems that I haven't learnt enough. As soon as I started it I planned for buying a Hammer! I contacted a dealer by e-mail and after a couple of phone calls I notified him that I would buy one in early 08, probably Feb. and that's a car which could be anything from 55 to 80 K depends on the model, H2 or H3!
I should be more concerned about buying a house or apartment so it could be a base or a source of income for me. If I'm successful in this job, I'll move out to another province in 3 to 5 years and that house or apartment could be should or rented out. It's better than spending so much money on a car and the insurance while at the same time I should resolve my solitude problem once and forever and get married in 2 years. So there are lots of things to do and I don't have much time for that. The things that I have never thought of seriously.

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