Sunday, October 14, 2007

Alice Lake Park

I had an amazing ride today after more than a month. This is probably the last time I start my ride from Valley Cliff. I’m moving to the other side of the town which is closer to the job site. I took the Powerhouse Road and then Highway 99 and made a right to Alice Lake Park. In the beginning I thought I will face the same bumpy, steep, rocky road as Evan Lake’s which made my chain broken and had me back but this was the easiest. Fortunately it was not crowded and busy. Everywhere, fall was so beautiful with different colours: Red, amber, orange, different greens. After a few snapshots which I regretted why I didn’t have my Yashica camera on me, because they didn’t turn as well as I wanted them, I went to the other side of the lake and found the greatest trails ever: John’s Trail. The last time I had such an amazing ride was in Sep. of ’02 when we went to Banff, from Canmore. Obviously that was a better ride because we were riding alongside Bow River and there were 6 of us (4 Caucasian Canadian, one Mongolian Canadian and me) but John’s Trial made my Sun. really special. I will go there again and this time I’ll take my real camera and spend more time in there, trying the other trials.
(Photo: This is what I got from Alice Lake from the beach and has not even half of the beauty of the place)

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