Sunday, October 07, 2007

Bad Dream Again

It’s been a while that I don’t sleep really well. It’s partially because of the stress I’m under and partially because I spent my nights in front of the TV, at the desk eating or surfing the net. Some nights I have bad dreams but there was a long time that it didn't happen.
I had some rice and beef last night and then a kind of pie and coffee and was up until 12:30 watching TV and DVDs. Then went to bed and fell sleep immediately and had a bad dream. I dreamt of different things, my close friend and classmate in high school, M. Sarfaraz, my dear auntie Afsar and others that I can’t recall. The last thing I remember is I was chasing a fire engine and then I woke up!
I thought of the house right after I woke up. I had left heaters on to have the wallboard mud dried and I was worried that might burn the houses down. I wanted to go and check out the house but was so tired. I was depicting the images of the remaining of the houses and smoke coming off! Then I fell asleep again and woke up around 08:30 AM. I rushed to the houses after I washed the dishes, had my breakfast and had a shower. It was, and still pouring and I reached the construction zone and sighed! Everything was fine but one of the heaters had been gotten off. I turned it on and turned both of them up and left the site.
(Photo: Propane heater in the garage and on, making the wallboard mud dry)

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