Monday, October 08, 2007

Lost Reputation

Some African girls are so hot and hard to resist. Their damn smooth skin and shapely body is so amiable. I used to know a few back to Calgary and was about to have them but lost them as usual!
In the real world(!) Marion Jones and her teammates of Track and Field USA was the centre of attention in past Olympics. I, once, wrote about their harmony and used them as a good example of teamwork. It’s a different story today. Jones admitted that he had doped and returned all her Olympic medals and lost her reputation. This is not the first time that an athlete confesses but there are suspicious cases. Ben Johnson of Canada lost his medal in 1988 while many alleged Carl Lewis of the same prohibited action but he jumped up one step.
Floyd Landis of the States won last year’s Tour De France but was taken down shortly after and was accused of doping. He pleaded innocent. In the meantime the US cycling legend and 7 times winner of Tour De France, Lance Armstrong is accused of the same indecent act but has never been charged, always denied all the allegations. So what makes some people to confess and keeps some others’ mouth shut? That, I call it courage.

(Photo: The pretty face of Marion Jones, apparently in her happy days before she decides to reveals the unpleasant and bitter truth)

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