Friday, October 05, 2007

Chronic And Sporadic Problems

There’s a long overdue problem with the two single family houses that were finished in summer. That could be one of the reasons which all the potential buyers turned away. The problem is the stupid framer – who could be a stinky Punjabi idiot (Sorry to say this!) – forgot to slope the sundeck. So obviously when it’s raining – which happens a lot in this town – the water accumulates and makes a stagnant pond!
In the last two weeks, one of the realtors has been trying to sell one of the houses to a small family of his ethnicity and they gave A. J. a list of the issues that must be removed before they move in. That said problem is one of them, probably the hardest one to remove. So we put poly sheet on the top of the sundecks to make it ready for the tiling guy who were supposed to cover the vinyl of the deck with a kind of tile and slope it. He at the beginning asked me to do that just by myself like most of the hard things he wants me to do in the same way. He did the first one just to show me how to do that, as he said and then did the second one as well! Then said: “None of us could do that just by ourselves!”
He, then, left and before that asked me to clean the decks. He said: CLEAN IT! I laughed and he said that he really meant that! God! I started at about 07:00 PM, I guess and by 09:20 PM I was done with the first one but not as clean as he wanted! That was the time my telephone rang! That was him. I started to tell him how bad I was doing and he said that he was at the hospital where his mother had been taken as a result of a heart problem. That was not good. I have seen the poor old lady and have been nice to her all the time. She had a long-term heart problem, the kind that the vessels get blocked. I can’t even imagine that and don’t wanna talk about that.
Anyway I spent the whole night to clean the two damn decks and 12:30 AM was the time I went to the bed! The tile guy showed up the other day. He ordered some mortar mix and started but after a few min. he stopped and he said that was not his job! He didn’t go back to the job even after the former partner of A. J. talked to him in his language, obviously Punjabi! A. J. was going crazy!
Now we’re trying to find someone who makes another drain at the other side of the deck, something that should have been done long time ago but you can’t turn a donkey to a horse! He wants to have everything done before the 16th, the time they’re supposed to move in! He’ll never gets rid of these chronic and sporadic problems unless he changes the way he runs the projects.

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