Saturday, October 06, 2007

The New Occupants

There is this walnut tree in front of the neighbour’s house which is the new home of a few, may be three beautiful squirrels. I like the little rodent with the long tail, jumping and springing over the trees and power lines. I didn’t notice that’s a walnut tree until the time A. J.’s Mom told me that. The tree is mostly hidden by an evergreen. Why I didn’t see the squirrels the whole summer and before is that the fruits, or better to say the nuts, has just been ripen recently.
The neighbour doesn’t care about that, like all other people in this part of the globe, seems to me that they don’t eat their own tree’s fruits may be because that’s not good quality or I don’t know. I remember back in Calgary there was an apple tree on my way to work, full of small tasty apples but no one ever touched that but us, the foreigners! Here’s a different story. The District asks the people to pick up their fruit because that attracts bears.
I tried the nuts and that wasn’t bad. Just not the market quality. So we leave them all for the beautiful squirrels, standing and watching them playing around and enjoy the beauty of nature.
(Photo: My little lovely squirrel in the neighbour's yard where his/her new home is. One of the house's dogs has an eye on the lovely creatures and barks at them every now and then)

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