Tuesday, November 06, 2007

5 Ways to Become a Millionaire

D. H. my Bangladeshi friend was in a very bad situation when I first met him in late ’01. His wife had just left him and he had no money and was taking care of his two sons, one of them suffering from a disease which has made him unable to speak. He helped me a lot regardless of all his problems. I have written a bit about the stories I had with him in other post but one thing once he told me after a conversation was five ways that would have made me a millionaire!
I asked him what it was and said writing the book that we were talking about! I can’t recall what our topic of discussion was but I remember I asked him why he wouldn't do that and he said because he didn't need money! Horseshit!
Today I found out one way that would someone a millionaire and that’s serious. I’m not joking. I just don’t know why it hasn't been done yet. I have talked both to A. J. and a painter in last few days regarding the exterior paint of the houses. I've been told that the paint can’t be applied or sprayed in a whether colder than 12⁰ Celsius. We probably have to wait until the coming Mar. for our paint, as a result of that. It sounds so stupid because construction industry has had so much progress in this part of the world, like everything else, and lack of such an essential element in the course of project is unacceptable. So if someone, for example a chemist (not in its British meaning!) invents a type of paint which could be applied in low temperatures and keeps the formula as a secret, he or she would be a millionaire and is set up for life.
It reminds me of another story in real life, this one a vital one. I’m not really knowledgeable and I hope I will never need this but there are a few medicines to cure cancer. Some people who have been taking the medication for years, believe that the vaccine or medicine have been discovered years ago and the pharmaceuticals just simply don’t want to market it because of the profit they have been making over the current cancer medication. The low-temperature applicable paint is not as crucial as the poor sick people’s pills or capsules but having it would make a big difference in construction industry in Canada and other cities during the cold months.

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dh said...

How r u today?
I'm dh and I see ur post about Millionairing,
It's true but However you do this ways , u cant be come a millionaire ,
Are you a millionaire No, Ithink you no a millionaire,
If people follow this ways can be come a millionaire.
I discuss it with you lator bye.
I have to go !
Your dear Friend dh!