Monday, November 05, 2007

Executive Decision

I was extremely exhausted yesterday and didn’t do much, probably because we’re back one hour. Daylight saving is over. My cousin called from Denmark and we talked for a few minutes. He invited me to spend a few days with them there although they will go to London, England for their Christmas and New Year holidays. Then I talked to Cyrus in Cologne and told him that I would be there anytime between Jan. and Mar. He insisted to go there after I visited my cousin. After that was talking to an old friend of my Dad, who’s visiting one of his daughters in Virginia, at the moment. I’m in touch with another daughter of him which is a separate story.
In the evening I worked a little on a Project Diagram to present to A. J. later and had an eye on TV. When I was couching potato, a movie caught my attention, Kurt Russell and Steven Siegel in Executive Decision. The movie like most American actions has great surprises and also downwards. It’s a combination of Flightplan, Air Force One and Top Gun. Muslims are the number one suspects like Flightplan and of course they are from Middle East. I just want to see the motherfucker who treats everyone who’s from Middle East the same. The shitheads think that everyone from Middle East (I hate this phrase) speaks fucking Arabic (Fuck all motherfucker Arabs, the more motherfucker animal Arabs are killed the happier I am), is Muslim (Fuck you all idiots. I hate all religions, motherfuckers. They are all crap with different smell, colour and shape) and is terrorist.
I went too far. The movie is good but Siegel is gone at the beginning of the movie. So if you’re a fan of him (I’m not) you’ll be disappointed. I will rent and watch it again because part of the conversation in the movie sounds like mumbling and I didn’t get much. The F-117 trick is great and also there are a few other surprises. Don’t miss it.
(Photo: Halle Berry [not strawberry, not even close!] and Kurt Russel in the final minutes of the movie)

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