Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Little Chat after a Long Time

There was a girl once I was in touch with; I call her N. M. here, from Montreal. She’s a nurse. We had a few e-mail exchanges but like the other girls, we got disconnected. I received a link which introduces an Internet telephone service, from her, the night before. Obviously she’s looking for a match. And there’s no doubt that she just had broken up with a boy because some girls can’t take it and as soon as they are single again, they start looking for another one. I called her last night and she didn’t pick up. I left a message. I called her again this morning and woke her up!
We talked for a few minutes. She told me that she had just moved to Toronto and has her job as a nurse in a hospital. I usually don’t care about the girl’s job because I don’t get anyways, so that doesn’t matter! but never had a good feeling about a nurse. F. F. is a nurse too and we’re back together but she’s in the middle of a job-change process. I just called her to see how she is. She was very willing and welcoming, apparently because she feels that it’s getting late for her to get married and having a night-shift job, deprives her from many possible opportunities. Honestly, who needs a night-shift nurse as a wife?
So we talked for a few minutes and she said that she likes Toronto better than Montreal. She said that she wouldn’t live in any city smaller than Toronto and she felt that she was living in a village when she used to live in Montreal. That’s how most of the stupid bums act. But she added that she might move to another city if she has to as a result of a job vacancy or so.
I called her because I thought she might be another alternative, especially because I thought she still lives in Montreal but I think I should forget her because I’m no fan of Toronto and there’s a little chance that I can get a good job in there. But I might go to see her, killing two birds with one stone. May be it’s another opportunity to see Toronto again and in more detail, after my short visit to see M. M. Or may be I deceive her to move out to another city with me.

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