Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ongoing Temptation

I have this feeling that makes me outrages. It’s not rage, actually. It’s temptation for violence. I used to feed this desire with Operation Flashpoint but that game does not run on my laptop. Neither Call of Duty which I bought in ’05 and did not run on my desktop.
I have a huge willingness for the last version of the game, Call of Duty 4 which was released early Nov. but have to buy a desktop for that, also! That will cost something between $800 and $1000! Is $1000 too much to cure an illness?! What if I see a psychologist? He or she is probably able to fix me with less money. Or, I was thinking, what if I sign up for the Army and get deployed to Afghanistan? Ha?!
That way I’ll kill two birds with one stone: I put off my rage while I get paid for that. But don’t forget the third bird: I might get shot and killed or may be a suicide attacker blew himself up near or convoy and I get rid of this misery forever.
I think I, first, consult the physician and then do it. Getting killed once and for what you like is better than a life full of stress and thought of future.

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