Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Killing Bears

It has been all work and work in last few weeks and nothing to post. I booked a ticket to Boston to  see Alfa but I think I have to cancel that because of the prolonged project. Yesterday I was driving down the road very fast regardless of all the speed limit signs, there were two cars in front of me. A baby bear suddenly jumped into the middle of the road and the drives pushed the brake. I did too and did it very hard because my breaks are not actually very good and also I was speeding. Fortunately there was enough room between the vehicles and nothing happened. The bear crossed the road to the woods and we all proceeded.
17 bears were killed the last summer in Sea to Sky Highway. It's obviously because of the high number of commutes and the ongoing construction. Underpasses are being constructed for the animals with the same features of their habitat. It's hopped to save the number of wild life in Sea to Sky Country. That was the 4th time I saw a bear in B. C. No chance of a clear photo yet.

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