Saturday, December 15, 2007

Beautiful Shootout

It has been a long time that I have not watched a full game of NHL. In fact I never did. It always seems tiring while at the same time interesting and exciting. The problem is not NHL or anything. The problem is in me. That, actually, prevents me from focusing on anything.
So when I turned the TV on today and Hockey Night in Canada was on, I couldn’t watch even one single period and switched continuously from CBC and the other stations. Vancouver was playing in Edmonton. The game finally was even in regulation and OT. Thus based on the new NHL rule (New in last 2 or 3 seasons obviously!) the teams started the shootout and that’s where I started watching!
None of the main net minder of the teams were playing tonight, Luongo is injured and Roloson was out for whatever reason and Garon was taking care of the net. The teams were still even in shootout and then Shawn Horcoff scored a very beautiful shot. Then that was the Vancouver guy who lost his chance over Garon. Pisani was the last one who skated in rink and that was against Sanford. Luango’s injury has given Sanford a chance to star but Pisani passed the puck between the legs of him and scored the game winning. That made Sanford so upset which not only made him to push the puck out after it passed the score line but also broke his stick while leaving the rink!
(Photo: This alternative logo of Edmonton Oilers is my favorite one)

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