Saturday, December 08, 2007

Flashback (13): The Nest

I didn’t have time to post this funny interesting fight between A. J. and a guy called Ron shortly after I arrived in B. C. He used to do kitchen cabinets for A. J. and all of a sudden he stopped answering A. J.’s phone calls. That drove A. J. crazy because two houses had been almost finished and cabinets were left. He tried to reach him in any possible way and finally one day got a plan.
One of his other trades called Dr. H. gave Ron a ring and told him that he needed his help with his kitchen. They made an appointment and that revealed Ron’s nest. So four of us, me, A. J., his former partner and his son got to his place from the back door and Dr. H. rang his door from the front. As soon as he opened the door for the doc., we knocked at his back door. He opened the door and A. J. stormed in! His partner got in after him and I stayed out! I knew that if anything happens he could complain and says we got to his property with no permission and that would be a hard kick in the ass for all of us. Dr. H. appeared right after he said that he was with a customer but when he saw him he understood that he had gotten tricked!
A. J. was about to get in to a fist fight with him but his illiteracy prevented him to say something really harsh to Ron! His partner separated them while Dr. H. was trying to cool him down. Ron was calm and asked us to leave his workshop. He said he would call the RCMP if we didn’t. I was still at the door and then sneaked in very smoothly. A. J. looked very funny at the moment: wide open eyes behind the glasses, not-shaved, tired face, and his chest was going up and down as a result of anger. He barely was able to say anything but a You Know... (!) That’s what most of the stupid scum who cannot speak properly after years, say! Nevertheless he said he would not go anywhere until Ron says what he would do and added that he would wait for the cops.
The former partner started talking to Ron to see what was wrong and why he didn’t want to finish the job he already had started. Ron simply said that he didn’t have any interest and would not do anything. We all left after A. J. had a relief through finding Ron and mumbling a few words! He got nothing more and had to hire someone else afterwards!

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