Thursday, December 20, 2007

Flashback (14): Noah

It’s only work and work these days and nothing else. People are getting ready for Christmas. The good thing is work is not that much because first of all most of the things have been done. And secondly A. J. is on a trip so I start whenever I want and work on my pace. So I thought it’s better to write about one of my buddies back to the first months of life in Canada.
There was a nice and handsome Hispanic guy from Nicaragua or El Salvador called Noah. He could have been more than 5 years younger than me. I, in the beginning, thought that he was Canadian because of his blue eyes but that happened only because I was new. You can tell who’s who after awhile regardless of the colour of the eyes or anything else. So we used to hang out a bit in the beginning. He was a hard-working guy so he got promoted to a level 2 job while I went on light duty as a result of an injury!
He asked me once to be his roommate in High River. He said that it was a nice small town with everything but I was not interested because I was attending an Advanced ESL course in the U of C. That was the beginning of our separation as buddies. I invited him to my home town and he accepted although that was just me in the beginning, trying to make conversation with everyone. Then one day I lent him a toonie. The other day I saw him in the cafeteria having his breakfast without saying a word about the money he had borrowed. He was just simply gazing at me and I didn’t like that. I asked him how he could have his breakfast while he still owes me and pretends nothing had happened and left. He showed in front of me in a few minutes with a bunch of quarters. Gave them to me and left. And that was the end of it. I saw him a while after that, leaving the floor. That was his last day. I guess he had paid off his used car which cost him a little more than $8000 and simply quit. That was also the last time I saw him and I guess he only worked there for one year or so. That’s how I used to ruin relationships! Sometimes for a toonie, some other times for whatever I must not say. The second one mostly happens with women! But I’m way better than the beginning now but the problem now is I don’t see as many girls as I used to!

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