Tuesday, December 11, 2007

First or Second?

I have no intention to make this blog a news media but would like to write about the ones that I follow and find them interesting. The Jury in New Westminster, B. C., delivered the verdict of Robert William Pickton yesterday and he was found guilty of second degree murder on 6 counts.
Regardless of the fact that I’m not familiar with judicial terms, no one in the news and interviews gave a clear explanation of these two different charges: First degree and second degree murder. It’s been only said that there’s not much difference and Pickton will spend the rest of his life in jail with almost no chance of parole. It’s not clear if there will be another trial for the other missing women but the families of victims are saying that they are waiting for justice. CBC had a full coverage last night and that was so sad. I also bought The Vancouver Sun today and read some of the victims’ biographies which made me sadder. Most of them were the kids of foster parents and left the family in early ages, for example 16 and 18 and ended up in Vancouver Downtown East-side, the most notorious neighbourhood in Canada where drug and alcohol addiction and prostitution is the first thing you notice. I felt extremely depressed and lonely after reading the bios and trial coverage. Imagine someone who has her childhood with a foster family, which is not really lovely, or may be loveless and then ends up in the streets where predators like Pickton and others are roaming around.
That bad feeling was doubled when I didn’t receive any mail from F. F., the girl that I’m getting addicted to it. I thought and thought and thought and concluded nothing! The Tough Guys is being turned to the totally fucked up guy! But then I gained power and felt a little better. That should be posted under another title.
(Photo: Pickton Farm in Port Coquitlam, BC at the time when police started searching any evidence that might lead to the answer. It's said now that the government of B. C. is going to sell the farm to pay the cost of trial. It's a big lot which might attract the construction companies but the question is who wants to live in a property where tens of innocent young women have been brutally murdered and their remains are still there? I'd like to go there to see what's left. It's not too far from Coquitlam Centre where I've been to a few times to shop)

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