Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Biggest Loser

When there’s something to be said about fast-food industry, everyone condemns McDonald’s but the recent report shows that Burger King is the worst chain food giant with an average of more than 26% of saturated fat in its food. The Government asked the said restaurants to voluntarily cut the saturated fat, almost 6 months ago and if they don’t obey, mandatory laws will be put in effect.
I got familiar with Burger King through Ali G. He’s a big fan. When we were doing renovation for his old house in Okotoks, we used to go to a Burger King drive thru, grab a Whopper and drive to his house. Then here in British Columbia whenever I'm in rush, I sneak in a King restaurant and spoil(!) myself with a burger, a Putin or a pie. The other day I was in Tim Horton’s for a soup and coffee. The bastards just raised the prices again. Now it’s $1.55 for a damn cup of coffee and the soup, damn! I always liked their Chili with a whole wheat bun but after I noticed that it’s made a long time ago and kept in a plastic bag and they just warm it up here, decided not to have it anymore.
Now just with a few days left until Christmas, I’m here down to the last Pennies in my account, aching all aver as a result of a damn cold, having plenty to do in the damn house, while A. J. is away, thinking of nothing but finding a way to get rid of this stupid life!
After all the biggest looser is me, not Burger King as it was said in the news last night because they have made millions so far, are making at the moment and will make more in future to infinity and beyond. I'm the looser because I’ve lost the best years of my life without gaining much.
(Photo: Women protest in front of a Burger King, not to show their dislike of fat, but for the cattle which are being slaughtered every day to become patty! What they eat themselves, that's what I would like to now!)

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