Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Mercedes Project

Sonia just got back from her six month training program in Mercedes Benz in Stuttgart and told us a bit about the great experience she was having over there. She has been to mostly all European countries during the period and had lots of fun.
But the interesting thing is the project that she was working on as part of an international student team. This is a camera for 500-S models, the most expensive car ever, almost $300,000! Basically how it works is it’s going to have two night vision cameras. The first one scans and finds any object in front and shows in the monitor. The second one finds any live object based on infra-red technology and sends it to the monitor as well. The amount of time that it takes to have the data gathered from the road, process it and have it seen by the driver doesn’t make it possible to scan more than 150 m in front. Otherwise the data transformation would be so slow that it’s not helping. This is one problem that should be resolved.
The other one is to have these two distinguishing and reporting devices working together simultaneously so the driver can see what’s happening in the road without looking through the windshield. The monitor’s his or her concern. The driver will see whatever is in front of the vehicle, the distance, the size and everything. The infra-red camera is supplied by the US military, currently used in some tanks. The project is due by 2012 but Sonia stated that she has no intention to go back. I have never been a fan of cars, specially the luxury ones because I always try to live the true life. I know I can’t afford it so I don’t dream about it and cover my walls with the photos! But I had a quick look at its website and I was impressed. Obviously such an extravagant car like that must have an extraordinary website. The technology is attractive to me though. The way the human’s mind works and create amazing features for life. I hope I can get rid of shit that I’m floating on at the moment and get to something thoughtful soon.

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