Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fucked up in BC

It’s been almost 3 week since I’m back to Canada and staying with S. J., looking for a career: Nothing, Zip, a big goose egg, nada! All I’ve got is a short stupid interview with a recruiter in Downtown Vancouver regarding a Quality Control job. I was supposed to meet with the company people but nothing has happened yet.
Unemployment rate went up in the month of June according to Statistic Canada and Ontario suffered more amongst all the provinces. The fucking problem is my poor pretty F. F. is in the process of immigration and with no job it will be almost impossible to do anything. I don’t know if I’m staying here or going to Lethbridge but Alberta is not goin’ to happen before end of July. The only good thing that has been started last week and I see a little progress, is working out. I started that last Sun. and I decided to go at least 6 days a week, losing weight and getting lean. May be this all exercises eventually help me to get my job in the Navy or some similar force.
One funny and at the same time disappointing thing happened yesterday when I was doing job search: I found a good position in Quality field in Calgary. I made my resume ready and e-mailed to the guy, Ben from Placement Group. The e-mail was bounced! I looked in the job posting again and this time I saw another address and tried that one: Same shit!
I finally called the agency. They told me Ben didn't work there any more and they had no idea how that job, which is not in the list anymore, has found its way in!

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