Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trip Coverage, Story 7: Not Enough of Not “tingham”

This story regards to my next trip in May which made me to stay in Nottingham, the UK for 2 nights:
Kids went to school and Dino got to work in the morning of Fri. and then Merissa said that she wanted to do shopping for Nick’s birthday which was Sun. and added that she would give me a ride to city centre. That was very rare of her. The bossy girl has Dino completely under her control. We hoped in her Range Rover and she drove away from home toward the city. They live in a type of suburb neighbourhood of Nottingham.
She drove over Trent River, by Nottingham Castle and through the city. Unfortunately I neither had time nor was in the mood of roaming around. So I just followed her wherever she went: Toy store, apparel retailer, hardware store and supermarket. She surprisingly bought me a chocolate bar and a hot dog! That was our lunch and dessert!
Everything is being run by Merissa at home, my aunt said once and I thought she was exaggerating. But she was right. She only needs to give Dino a look and everything is set. And I saw that once with my own eyes. She gave me a few things to take them to his family and Dino kidded me saying she would give me more and more and that was only the beginning. Merissa turned toward him and just gave him a look. Dino apologized a few times until was forgiven finally! In the afternoon we went to Black Lion, a local bar for beer festival. There were not many people around. Someone was doing karaoke. The kids got curly fries, chips (that’s what French Fries is called in Britain) hot dog and burger and we, adults just a glass of beer, me an Irish one. That was good but the way Merissa takes care of her guests is horrible. We were supposed to get our dinner but she was told that food is not served for whatever reason. I was tempted by the food kids where having so took a few bites.
Then we left the Black Lion and the question was either going to a Chips & Fish restaurant or an Italian one. The first one was only serving to go food so we went to the Italian called the Piano just a few min. away. I, very soon, found out that’s a friend’s restaurant, possibly an Iranian and later was notified by them that the restaurant is owned by an Iranian who's his Belgian wife help him as a waitress. My aunt told me later that Dino and an old friend of him, H. F., whom is also known as dirty fucking pig by me(!) has recently bought the restaurant. I also noticed that Merissa is saying things like helping the waitress or doing something in the kitchen which was kind of a proof.
Anyway they gave me a menu and I tried to order the cheapest so I chose a kind of pasta. It was pasta and bacon because that sounded delicious to me. And God help us all! When they brought the damn food, first I was surprised. She was about to put a big, deep bowl-like dish on the table and I was looking up and thinking of a pile of spaghetti with tomato and meat sauce. But when she put that fucking shit down, I was entirely disappointed: there was only a very few at the bottom of the bowl! It was OK, not something special. Fucking bastards! That’s how Merissa’s going to run the restaurant, I think. She’s one stingy girl who just feeds her Mom and sisters. The house is a whole big mess. Everything from waste food to toys and cloths is seen everywhere. She dresses like a gypsy and eats like a hobo while saves like a cheapskate.
(Photo: The Irish beer with the sign on the foam)

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