Friday, July 25, 2008

Head Game

It’s almost a month now that I live with S. J. in this small one bedroom apartment. He’s a very nice and flexible guy but stupid and stubborn at the same time. His income in last 5 years haven’t been more than $15000 in a year! He has recently been hired by the Ministry of Transportation after finishing a 2-year stupid program in BCIT. He’s about to finish his probationary period, a 6 month term.
I have recently started a head game with the dumb ass. I really enjoy it. I know this is sick but I really like this although has not much influence on him. What I have started telling him is that the economic situation in Canada and specifically BC is not good and is goin’ to be worse. Things like “1 out of 5 Canadian would be laid off in the next 6 month in BC”, “This is the worst situation ever ”, “ Inflation rate jumped up to 3.1% this month ” (this is true!) and “ I have booked my ticket to home ”.
I found out that he’s going to buy a car. He has one. It’s a junk but He's going to change it to a newer junk. So because I don’t like his stupid ball-sucking behaviour, today, when he was surfing the web for a fucking car, told him that he should have been very careful. I said that it doesn’t seem to be a wise thing to buy a car in this situation. He didn’t seem to buy it but the other day when I said something like that, he went to his room and spent the entire evening on the fucking phone talking to assholes like him!
So I’m going to carry on this and fake some tangible proofs and I go until he’s really scared. In other hand he really is a fucked up scared guy and fucking lazy in household stuff. His fucking food is usually pasta, peanut butter sandwich, old fucking tuna can and feta cheese and flat bread.
I really hate assholes like this that barely speak English after more than 6 years and are the same fucking stupid animal they used to be at home but I have no choice. I’m stuck here at the moment, looking for work. I think I have to stay here for a long time even when I find a job because it’s hard to find a nice affordable place. I’ll see what happens and will update later.


Anonymous said...

If he's stupid, asshole, lazy, and animal, .. and if he is sheltering you ... then what are you?
don't you think you are a bit uptight?

The Tough Guy said...

He's sheltering me because I pay half of the rent and utilities. That's why. And I'm stuck in this situation because there's simply no job but working as a cashier or waiter. I have to stand this asshole until I get a career. What would you do if you were in my shoes?

omid said...

Islam is live and Republic islamic is live too.

omid said...

pls accept my apologize that i dont know english very well!