Friday, July 04, 2008

The Jackass Offers!

Motherfucker A. J. called me another day and obviously I didn’t pick up. He kept calling and then called S. J. He told me that he wanted me to call him. It was a little late but I was a little afraid so called him and pretended that I was away from the phone. He had a job offer for me! Can you believe this? The asshole always says that I am lazy and this and that! Now he asks me to join him for another project in Squamish!
I didn’t say No because I still have my letters going to his fucking address so have to pretend that I’m willing to work with him. So I was there today to pick up the mail and he explained the story. He said that there’s a guy from Hong Kong and he expect that the project brings $35,000 as commission or percentage and he want s to pay me the most! Even a cooked turkey would laugh in a pot! He said that he counted on me!
I obviously need the money and if I get $20,000 and that’s in 6 months, it will be perfect but in the meantime I don’t want to work for him because I already know him and his craziness. I told F. F. on the phone and that drove her crazy! She insisted that she didn’t want me to work for him again and I said I wouldn’t. So What I will do when she calls me is either don’t pick up the phone or tell him that I’m not interested.

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