Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How to Drive Someone Crazy?

I have two invoices/receipts for A. J. and also a cheque with him and few letters at his place. I have been to his, two times since I don’t work for him anymore. He has called me several times in past 5 days but I didn't pick up. I don’t know what’s he up to but I simply just don’t wanna talk to the son of a bitch, although I may make $400 roughly without moving a finger.
I know this is driving him crazy. That’s why he called me three times yesterday and I, apparently, didn’t pick up! I indirectly forced him to stop calling, no matter what he wants. He called S. J. a few days ago and asked about me but S. J. is a nice guy and good friend, regardless of all his retardant(!) and said nothing.
This above little table shows how many times that motherfucker, liar, shameless, cheapskate, asshole called in last 5 days, without hearing from me. I have more for him!
Note: Don't ask why the last call has been made at 11:33 AM while it is posted at 11:07 AM! That's because: 1) the system (or the server, I'm not sure about this) save a draft off and on and 2) I updated the table after I received another call shortly after I posted this.

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