Thursday, March 12, 2009

Buy American

There was a bunch of stupid assholes in Canada as well as everywhere else (not talking about the US) who were supporting Obama without knowing nothing about his plans for the fucked up economy and everything!
Now he’s taken over the office and his words are coming out. He, as mentioned in his campaign is trying to represent a good view of America to the World. Ordering to close the Guantanamo Bay Prison was the first step. Then he presented his stimulus package for the economy. And here’s where the assholes who pack their fucking suitcases and went all the way to Washington to see the stupid inauguration she receive their beg SCREW YOU from him and his administration!
He clearly states the Buy American policy in the package. That thing affects the already suffering manufacturing sector of Canada a lot. NAFTA states that trade is free in North America and project s and companies are free to buy from any manufacturer in this part of the world for their needs but the packages stresses that the infrastructure projects in the US must buy American products if they want to receive anything from that some billion dollar money!
So now where are the fucking asshole stupid shitheads who were posing in front of the fucking camera of CBC and showing their big support?! Funny thing is Obama told Mansbridge in a CBC interview that Canada shouldn’t be to concerned about Buy American policy. What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
(Photo: Even the Americans don't know who they are goin' to deal with and what to expect, forget about the others!)

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