Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Murdered Cop

An Ottawa cop was murdered the other day and the accused is an RCMP officer on leave! That's embarrassing to the Federal Government officers. The RCMP has been the centre of many accusations and wrongdoings in the last few years. From the Polish guy's death in YVR to drunk driver officer.
What's interesting about this tragedy (I know I shouldn't use the term " Interesting") is the murdered was 51 and a newly joined member of the force! It means the guy had been offered the job at the age of 47 which is amazing! I should be pretty confident about myself! I went to the gym yesterday and the day before. I've been doing better and better everyday in terms of machine and push and pulls but my Cooper Test practice results are just awful! I haven't been able realty to practice and just the day before I had to stop at almost 09:00 minutes!
I'm goin' to see my physician to see what to do to improve as haven't seen any progress lately. One reason could be my weigh! I eat a lot these days. That drove my heaviness pretty close 198 Lb.
(Photo: Ottawa Police vehicles are seen in the background of the crime scene. A pool of blood and crime items are seen in the picture)

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