Sunday, December 06, 2009

Tiger and Tyson: Resemblances and Differences

Mike Tyson and Charles Barkley have always been my favorite athletes while assholes like Tiger Woods never made any impression on me. I know quiet a lot about Tyson and almost nothing about Tiger " the asshole " Woods. Nevertheless I can make the following list:

1- Their given names start with T! (What a wonderful discovery!)
2- They both screwed up their life through a woman (Tiger cheated on his wife and but Tyson raped a woman and went to jail for that)
3- They both are big in sport and will remain in history forever.
4- They are both coloured people.
5- They are both American.
6- They both messed up in religious terms! Tiger is a Buddhist, the religion which is stresses on decency, honesty and other stuff like that. Tyson converted to Islam in prison and even changed his name to Samad(!) and was wearing a cap but there's no sign of that conversion these days, probably because of all this shit we see with Muslim extremists in the world.
1-Tiger's persona always was showed a nice, family-oriented and decent guy (not any more!), while Tyson characteristic always was known as an angry, out-of-control maniac. Look where they are now!
2- Tiger is not as strong as a tiger while Tyson really is (or may be was)!
3- Tiger never cheated on the game while Tyson did. Tyson never cheated on his wife while Tiger did, several times!
4- Tiger is being pushed back by the public because of what he did to his family. Tyson did many horrible things but never was boycotted.
5- Whenever Tiger is shown on the screen I feel bored, Tyson's bouts are all exciting. They make me eyes glued to the screen.
(Photo: Early photo of Tyson, King and a few other fellas)

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