Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Eve

I was at Hodani’s place on Christmas Eve for dinner and Hojam was there too. We were almost done with our dinner and Hodani was almost drunk and started to act wired. I asked him to stop drinking but he was not himself. Then I grabbed his glass and took it to the kitchen. That drove him really mad. He then asked me to wrestle arm with him. Hojam quoted that he was very strong. I don’t know if he wanted to make me scared of him, boost his spirit or just simply prevent me from doing that. When I saw that Hodani was insisting, I thought it was better to give him a good piece of advice. I hoped that make him sober. We sat at the small dinner table and I easily defeated him but he got angry and said that I was cheating! Then I asked him to do that using the left arm and beat him again! This time he was really furious and said that I use my hand in an inappropriate way and also use my shoulder and everything! I think he didn’t expect that from me. He probably had thought that I was a weak guy because I work at a office and he does a labour job. He probably had forgotten that I go to the gym at least 5 days a week! After all as he’s shorter than me, I’m kind of over him when I’m doing arm wrestle!
Hojam stepped in between and acted as a referee this time. He set everything up and we started as he counted. It didn’t take more than, I’d say, 10 sec. to beat him again! His face was really funny while he was being defeated. He was completely mad at this time and started bullshitting me! I knew that he was not himself and is under the influence of alcohol. So I grabbed my jacket and left! That was our fun on Christmas Eve!

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