Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Bad Day

Have you heard that song Bad Day by Daniel Powter? I had listened to it several times until today that I really had a bad day myself! I don't know if it was as bad as the one he describes in his song or was worse! Not that the other days are good! I'm still stuck to the crappy job after almost 2 years (It will be this Sep.) and receive shit on daily basis! So today the shit was completed(!): I got a warning! It means that I will be in a 90 days probation period and if anything happens I will be terminated! The contract itself will be expired in 4 months! just a month after the probation period and we don't know if it could be extended!
I left the office after signing the sheet as an acceptance of the warning and went to get the car. I was about to leave the parking lot when a gentleman told me that I had a flat tire! I don't know why I had not noticed! I looked at the panel and a sign showed the flat tire but it was too bright and hot (almost 30 degrees centigrade) that I realized that I had not paid attention. I pulled over and changed the damn tire! I still don't know what had happened! How would a new car get a flat tire in less than a year while it's parked in a public parking lot!?

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