Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Heritage Family

My time here's up as I failed the interview but I'd like to mention my experience of staying with D. H.'s family. I spent my first night at D. H.'s. It was him and his two sons, one of 'em an autistic boy. It's Ramadan now so for religious people like him fasting is a must. The poor kid was fasting too and he barely could walk! Fasting prevents you to do many things especially in the afternoon. The body is not able to function because of lack of food and water.
Anyways He wanted to make something ready for their feast, I would say! He asked me how many chickens were needed and asked me to help him with cutting the chickens. He started preparing the gravy by mixing different types of herbs and tastes.
When it was the eating time late in the evening around 22:00 hours or later the kid was dead! Then they started eating and that disgusted me! They were eating using their hands just like monkeys and of course they never washed their hands not even when he was preparing the food. This guy has been living in Canada and still eats like a Saharan Berber!
Then it was him delivering his regular speeches about religion, West, how he never became a slave here by not working! His wife was then back from a long trip and I saw her head wrapped in a scarf! It was almost 3 o'clock when I heard noise and I woke up. That was the bitch banging the dishes in the kitchen. Of course the entire house was a mess and she was pissed. She asked D. H. how he could have lived like that!! Not knowing that it was how he lived his most of life! Then she turned the light on and opened her suitcase up. Then they all lined up and started praying! It was began by the kid saying something as a preface and then D. H. took lead and prayed both in Arabic and English! The whole show was being played for about 20 min. with me laying just 3 feet away from them supposedly asleep! I don't know what kind of assholes let people in and then wake them up at 03:00 in the morning! The motherfucker could at least tell me what would be happening but the fucker is just a lazy, ignorant.

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