Monday, August 16, 2010

GPS in 1988 Vehicle

I was surprised when The Chef told me that he drives back and forth to work. I remember the story he told me about his training session with a driving school trainer three years ago. This must be new. When I saw his car that was not exactly what I was expecting but was close enough: A 1988 Nissan Pulsar NX with several dents and scratches on the body and nice cracks on the windshield. The fuel gauge is not working! He said when the fuel level is low, then a light starts flashing! So when we wanted to get my stuff from The Brave's, I bought $10 gas before the start of the trip just to be sure.
The good thing about this car is it's GPS! When he told me that he had one, I barely believed him but then he showed me that and said it was not working. I realized that the system was switched off! So I turned it on, feed it the destination and it worked perfectly. He said that he had paid some $128 for that. May be I get one! But overall I don't like it because it makes you lazy and fool. If you're not familiar with the neighbourhood you're traveling in, it helps a lot though.
(Photo: A Garmin GPS similar to Hodani's is sold for $279.99 by Future Shop)

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