Monday, August 16, 2010

Standing Out

I went to Talisman yesterday to do a little exercises while I knew that they were working on its roof. Discussions about the necessity of a new roof for the complex was started in 2006 and earlier. So I went inside and started talking to the receptionist guy who said that he recognized me coming to do the exercises regularly! I remembered him too but wasn't expecting him to say so. I remember eyes were on me every time I would go there. I was amongst a few non-Caucasian. That's how remembers me!
Anyways he said the track, the main reason for me being there, was closed due to construction and would be opened in Jan. 2011! When I asked him about the daily admission he mentioned a $12 and few cents! I was taken aback! I paid that much though and spent about an hour in there doing a few pushes and pulls but it definitely not worth it.

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