Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Job Forever

I remember a while ago the supervisor told S. T. that he could have had a permanent job there. That was a good news for him because he had just bought a condo and was really looking for a steady job that he could rely on. S. T. was asked to leave early this year by the supervisor as a result of poor performance! He was transferred to another job then got kicked out of that one as well after a few once. None of us ever knew what happened but I assume it was the same crap!Now the supervisor is gone himself! He was alleged of several misconducts including harassment. It was unbelievable to me when I was sitting with the other guys in a meeting room. There was somebody from the head office who had a thick file in front of him reading Confidential on the top! He told us all the allegations have been taken into consideration and the supervisor has been suspended. Then he wanted our opinion. I was sitting with wide open eyes hearing that people were saying they wouldn't be working if he's coming back! I was then said that he was outside the office wanted to come in and apologize but was held back by the investigator. Then it was that he wanted to come back and work desperately but when more of his wrongdoings were revealed he decided to resign! The problem was so big that the investigator even called a few guys who had recently quit their jobs. They thought the employees might have resigned because of the supervisor.
I didn't have much feeling for that. I was neutral. He helped me out a lot and at the same time deprived me of a very good position by giving a bad reference. I don't know if he was honest when he said that I was not a good team-player or was just being an asshole. He could give a positive feedback and I had a permanent well-paid job with excellent benefits and writing this stuff at the moment! It must have been hard on him losing the job. Otherwise he wouldn't have asked to come back and face the guys who basically hated him!

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