Thursday, November 11, 2010


I was driving to work yesterday after a failed court appearance as a witness (the trial had been canceled while I had no idea) and I only were less than 3 minutes away from the place where I noticed a police cruiser on a street crossing the main road. I thought that I can get rid of him easily: I get before the big truck and hide myself until I get to the road that I had to turn right and then I'd be in the parking lot. I did that fast but he was a fast as me and apparently was waiting for me over there based on a tip. He quickly put his beacon and siren on and I had no choice but pulling over. I was sure that he pulled me over for my expired insurance but had no clue how he had known that. I remained in the car and the officer appeared at my window and told me the reason why I had been pulled over. That was the time that I was sure that somebody had reported on me but didn't know who, when and how?
Anyways I didn't waste time making up stories and fabricating lame excuses. So he handed me my violation ticket and called the tow truck. So here I was sitting in my car watching curious people who were driving by, waiting for a tow truck. I had waited for a tow truck more than 30 times in the past 2 years but not as someone who gets towed because of a violation but as someone has authority to do so! The good thing was as soon as the tow truck showed up the officer took off. He had told me that that would be up to me to where to go which was completely different from the last time I had been towed in Alberta! I don't think I have told that story but the cops over there were much tougher and stricter than the RCMP here in B. C.
Nevertheless the tow truck took me to the nearest insurance place and although asked for $70 first, he surprisingly charged me nothing! I quickly bought insurance and drove to work! But I still feel that I have to tell what happened when my car was towed in 2005 in Alberta.

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