Saturday, November 06, 2010


I did COPAT this morning and that was a stupid test. I guess we were some 35 guys and gals and maybe only 2 failed! Such a fake test! What kind of test is it that everyone can pass it with just a little effort!? The time to beat was 02:50 and I did it with a big difference. But it was a piece of cake compare to the other physical tests that I'd done so far. Nevertheless I was dead tired at the end because I exert too much effort and at the end made a mistake two times! So I had to do the last exercise two more times! I believe this test was just a formality and the other steps make a difference. So if you're not in shape, did not have enough sleep the night before the test and drank too much, don't worry. You'll pass! There were guys who did the initial steps wrongly and the instructor took them back and let them start the beginning! What a dumb! They sent you printed material. They explain everything in detail and you watched the other guys doing that and you still make a mistake! What can I say!?

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